$10 Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is an amazing site to buy almost anything!

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I love Amazon prime and how I can get almost anything either tomorrow or the next day shipped to my door for free.

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You can order and find anything.  Many times, I’ve actually tried to go to a store and get there and wind up not finding what I want –

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  1. Rose Gold Earrings! These beautiful earrings will add that sparkle you are missing to your favorite outfit. Classic Stud Earrings Design embellished with shiny diamond stone reflect the sunshine and light, sparkle from any angle viewing. These make a great gift for birthdays or graduations, or buy it for yourself!
  2. Men’s Bamboo Sunglasses! These stylish glasses make a great addition to any man’s wardrobe while offering complete UV ray protection. Vintage inspired unique bamboo arms sunglasses with real bamboo wood temples!
  3. Holographic Nail Polish! The holographic sparkle and luxurious rose gold finish of this nail polish will take your manicure to the next level! A must-have for any nail polish collection. Nothing else comes close!