10 Ways To Get Free Stuff on Facebook

10 Ways To Get Free Stuff on Facebook

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Facebook, the great social media giant is the most popular platform used globally. There are 225.61 million Facebook users in the United States. Everyone loves using Facebook and this platform is a great place to connect with friends and family. Facebooks provide great opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect with prospects and grow their business. Surprisingly you can also get free stuff on Facebook. Read on to find several ways to get free samples or products from Facebook.

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How to Find Free Stuff on Facebook?

The best way to find free stuff on Facebook is to simply use the search button. Search for the products you look for and the results will be shown. We advise you to use Hashtags to find what you look for on the search. If you are looking for Free Nivea products, then use the hashtags  #freeniveabodylotion. The results will show you the companies which provide you free Nivea body lotion. Join some Facebook groups and like relevant pages so that you will get a notification on the free samples and giveaways.

Companies That Give Free Stuff on Facebook

Big brand companies will organize giveaways, contests and give free samples to their customers via Facebook. Therefore it is imperative to click the “Like” button and “Follow” to get the notification when a giveaway or free sample products announced. Here are some main brand companies that are known for giving away free samples and products.

1. Bed Bath and Beyond

This company usually gives samples of bath products and other hygiene products. They also regularly do sweepstakes for tropical vacations and big-ticket items.

2. Best Buy

Not only can you keep up with the next free downloads and tech accessory samples, but you can also find out promo codes to save big on expensive purchases at Best Buy.

3. Gap

Get samples of cool accessories and more from the Gap Facebook page. You can also find promo codes and sometimes they even give away store credit.

4. Kroger

Every Friday Kroger gives you a coupon download that will get you free food!

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5. L’Artisan Parfumeur Paris

Get free samples of bath products and perfume from this brand.

6. Essie

Get samples of Essie nail polish in a variety of colors and shades.


Every once in a while GUCCI offers free samples of their perfume. Be on the lookout to get a sample for them.

8. PlaqueOffUSA

If you are fond of pets, then this is for you! This company often offers sample treats that help promote good oral health for your pets.


Every now and then, AERIN will give out samples of their most popular fragrances. Follow them to find out when they post the next sample offer.

10. Ren Skincare

Get free skincare samples such as lotion, toner, cleansers, and more from Ren Skincare.

The above are the 10 ways you can get free stuff on Facebook. You can also follow your favorite and other brands; look for any free promotions happening in their community. To give you the most, we provide you access to get free gift cards from top brands. Enter the link given and get free coupons, gift cards, and more!

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