$100 Gas Gift Card

A Free Gas Gift Card is a very practical gift for everyone! With gas prices climbing and the necessity to drive your vehicle, a gas gift card in the amount of $50 will ease your gas buying stress.

Enter now for your chance to win a $50 gas gift card and drive with a little more piece of mind this year.

(this used to be for a $100 Gas card, but we are now going to give out more of the $50 gas cards – vs. the $100 gas cards)

Sorry for the change, but our Topsweeps family wanted more $50 Gas cards!

so best of luck in your entering – and if you win – drive some miles for free!

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Save on Your Summer Road Trip With This $50 Gas Gift Card

Summer calls for endless road trips. Now is the best time to have vacations with your family and friends! No need to worry about expensive gas expenses because you can get a $50 Gas Gift Card to save up, too. Actually, you can save as much as you want during your summer holiday. Below are more easy tips to cut costs on a fun and memorable summer road trip this year.

1. Use your phone to find the cheapest gas.
Certain apps point you to the lowest gas prices when you are traveling. Search by city, state, or brand and earn the most value for your $50 Gas Gift Card.

2. Sign-up for fuel rewards program.
Most gas stations offer a rewards program that can save you money, not only this summer but every time you hit the road. Some examples include BP’s Driver Rewards, Exxon Mobil Rewards, and Shell Rewards.

3. Pay with cash.
Apart from using your $50 Gas Gift Card, you can also save money on your next road trip by choosing to pay with cash. Did you know that some gas stations charge as much as 10 cents or so a gallon when you pay with a credit card? This is to offset the processing fees that credit card companies charge them. You can easily skip this fee by paying with cash!

4. Fill up early in the week.
According to some experts, gas prices are usually lower earlier in the week. Thursdays onwards are more expensive in anticipation of the weekend crowd. If you want to save more, gas up ahead of time!

5. Learn the difference between premium required and premium recommended.
Premium gas is more expensive. Read your car manual and find out if it required to have premium gas or it is only recommended to do so. If it is the latter, you can easily use regular gas and cut costs around 20 cents to 40 cents per gallon.

6. Prepare your car before you hit the road!
Make sure your car is in good running condition. Take it in for a tune-up and replace parts that are already due. This gives you a 7% increase in fuel mileage, which saves as much as 12 cents a gallon. Little things like this will help you cut costs on your summer road trip. Remember to take your $50 Gas Gift Card and have a big adventure minus the big hole in your budget!