6 Tips To Save over $500 This Christmas!

6 Tips To Save over $500 This Christmas!

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It’s the time of the year! With gifts, parties, and baking going around, you could feel the stress of spending- a burden on your wallet!  Simply put, if you are not making a plan quickly, you may end up spending too much than you should. Know what? We got you 6 tips that could help you save over $500 this season. Check these now!

#1. Plan It

Planning is the key. To enjoy your Christmas to the fullest without the regret of spending too much money, plan it now! Make a list of people you are buying gifts for this year, and set an exact realistic budget of how much you can spend per person. If you are hosting a party, make sure to add food and décor to your budget.

#2. Use a Saving Plan & Track Spending

Once you plan your spending, analyze whether you have a certain amount planned per person. If you think you are less on budget, don’t get caught up in meaningless stuff instead think about how you can save enough or make purchases with the money you have. For example, you can prefer making homemade DIY gifts, thoughtful cards, or coming up with your holiday traditions that fit your budget.

Ensure to keep a track of how much money is in and how much you are spending. Let not your spending plan get swept up in the Christmas holiday cheer and good feelings.

#3. Sign Up For Cash Rewarding Programs

Earn money with simple actions!  Sign up for possible cash rewarding programs available online with a few easy steps in a short time. To help you get cash, here are a few resources:

National PollsterTake surveys! Visit nationalpollsteronline.com to get matched with the best survey community for free so you can start earning cash and gift cards.

Paid Research SurveyGet rewarded for Participating! PaidResearchSurvey.com allows you to take surveys and get rewarded by signing up at their site through a quick, free and simple process. By signing up you can choose a large number of surveys to participate in and earn rewards.

#4. Use Rakuten

Never pay full price again! Automatically apply coupons, activate cashback, and get the best price on all your online shopping from top brands such as Sephora, eBay, Kohl’s, Amazon, Priceline.com. Add Rakuten Extension to your browser- it’s free!

#5. Collect Gift Cards

Gift cards can help you save a little more! Grab these gift cards to save money on all purchases- whether you’re shopping for a winter coat, boots, heater, scarves, home decors, Christmas decors, crafts materials, gifts, or any household products.

#6. Make Your Own DIY gifts

When everything is so commercial in recent days, try spending time making something priceless for your loved ones. Making DIY gifts instead of buying can create a meaningful connection with the people you know! Need some craft and art materials? Visit Zebit.com now!

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Author: Niranjana