Disability Right Group: Find How To Get Approved For Social Security Disability Insurance!

Disability Right Group: Find How To Get Approved For Social Security Disability Insurance!

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Did you file for Disability Claim but was denied by Social Security Administration?

Disability Rights Group is a private non-profit organization that protects the rights of people with disabilities statewide. The organization will help you with your Disability Claim Process. They will help you connect with an attorney to help you appeal the claim so that you will no longer worry for yourself and your family. The lawyer will help you advocate your appeal so that you will be able to enjoy your rightful benefits.

Are You Injured or Disabled and Unable to work?

Apply for up to $3,011 per month in SSDI benefits.

  • You pay NOTHING until you get Paid
  • They specialize in cases that have been turned down

How can the Disability Rights Group help you?

Denied Disability claim has averaged to nearly 67 percent according to data. The Disability Rights Group will help you connect with lawyers who are experts on these disability claims and will help you strategize for converting a denial into approval for your social security benefits claim.

Your Disability Claim Will Improve Your Life!

  • If you get approved, you will no longer worry about your basic needs
  • You will enjoy continual, consistent monthly benefits checks that will provide you with stability in life
  • You can use your monthly benefits to pay down your debt or help you with your medical cost

Why Disability Rights Group?

“I spent years battle to get benefits I was owed. My attorney was uneducated and didn’t know what he was doing. I signed up with Disability Rights Group and now I have a $980 payment Social Security Benefit payment coming in every month!”

-Branden Mills, Tallahassee, Florida

In need of Disability Benefits?

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