Elmo’s Learning Adventure: Get 3 Learning Kits For Just $3.99, Plus Free Shipping!

Elmo’s Learning Adventure: Get 3 Learning Kits For Just $3.99, Plus Free Shipping!

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Exposing children to books at an early age has long-lasting positive effects on development. In fact, 75% of what a child will learn in a lifetime is acquired by the age of two. What better way to set the stage for learning than by offering the child you love a subscription to an age-appropriate book club? Help build a library thoughtfully and affordable with expert-selected books delivered to your child’s doorstep.

Early Moments has got fun-filled book subscriptions for the Smallest to the Tallest! You’re sure to find something for every child in your life from Early Moments’exclusive collection of quality book clubs. Elmo’s learning adventure is the best books for your kids. You can get 3 learning kits for just $3.99 and free shipping.

Elmo’s Learning Adventures Kit

Every Learning Kit in the Elmo’s Learning Adventures program focuses on one or more essential school-readiness skills. These nine skills, or themes, have been identified through research by the early childhood experts from Sesame Street. All of the materials in the Kits—the storybook, the activity book, and the activity cards—work together to reinforce the learning themes and help children acquire the skills they need to be successful in school.

Elmo and the other Sesame Street characters will guide your child through 9 essential preschool subjects, including:

(✓).Health and Fitness
(✓).Critical Thinking
(✓). Colors & Shapes
(✓). Reading & Writing
(✓).Everyday Routines

Give the Gift of Reading With Elmo’s Learning Adventures

  • Control your subscription online.
  • No obligation to buy anything else – ever.
  • Risk-free, cancel anytime.
  • Giant introductory package worth $44.75, yours for just $3.99.
  • Your kids will delight at the arrival of a new Elmo Package approx. every 3 weeks and a seasonal package 4 times a year, or whatever frequency you choose.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This program will delight your child that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not totally satisfied, you may return any book package for a full refund of the purchase price and cancel your subscription at any time – no questions asked!


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