🔆 Important updates for Topsweeps & Topsweeps Styles Community! 🔆

Watch Lori announcing a few important announcements.🛎-🛎

In the last couple of months, there have been ongoing issues in the TopSweeps community.

In order to curb, the ongoing issues the live shows and every other stuff will be posted only in the Topsweeps community group (invite only group).❌  Live posting will not be done on the Topsweeps Styles FB page. ❌

We will never call you, text you, or ask a penny in exchange for the giveaways. TopSweeps giveaways are 100% Free!

Please watch, then share/tag, etc 🙏⏰🛎📢
Please send EVERYONE here for ALL Giveaways and LIVE Posts- Effective TODAY! 👇

Author: SweepsQueen