Get Help To Apply For An Affordable Housing Get Help To Apply For An Affordable Housing

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Low-income households can avail of housing at a very affordable cost! There is a Section 8 Rental Certificate Program that means the rental amount for Section 8 apartments means you’ll pay a portion and the government will pay the rest. The program is intended for the elderly, disabled, and those who are living in poverty. will help low-income individuals who are interested to apply for Section 8 Housing. They will provide free information so that you will have the resources to find and apply.

What you will get:

  • Get FREE information
  • See personalized offers
  • Find Affordable Rental Housing

How to apply for Section 8 Housing?

The first step to applying for Section 8 housing is to tell the housing authority you’re interested.

The Housing Choice Vouchers Program lets the family choose their own living arrangements.

Here’s a quick list of what to understand before you apply:

  • You’ll need to provide documents that prove your personal and income-related information
  • The restrictions and requirements may vary depending on where you live
  • A local agency will review your application and take a look at your finances (i.e. income, inheritance, alimony, and scholarships)
  • All of your information will need to be verified
  • You may then be able to get on the waiting list for a voucher
  • Approval for a voucher (which can take years)

Who is eligible for Section 8 Housing?

  1. Your family size.
  2. Income limits.
  3. Your citizenship status. The applicant must meet the documentation requirements of citizenship or eligible immigration status. Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for voucher assistance.
  4. Any previous evictions you’ve had. Anyone evicted from public housing or any Section 8 program for drug-related criminal activity is ineligible for assistance for at least 3 years from the date of the eviction.

Section 8 Waiting List

If your family is eligible, you will be placed on a waitlist, or, in very rare cases, helped immediately.

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