The Must-Know Couponing Hacks That Help You Save Money

The Must-Know Couponing Hacks That Help You Save Money

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Coupons are a great way to save money and get free pieces of stuff. Couponing has now become extremely popular as people want discounts on every purchase. The habit of couponing can be a lot more fun if you do it in the right way. If you feel this overwhelming or not confident when you approach the cash register, these couponing hacks will change your life. Read this post if you want to save money and grab coupons & gift cards instantly.

Ignore Expiration Dates

Did you know? You can still use coupons after their expiry. Sounds cool right? Yes, some of the brands add a grace period to many of their coupons so that people can make the most of their coupons. They may add an extra day, week, month, or more. Many stores will still accept expired coupons to show their gratefulness for their valued customers. Here are a few brands that still accept expired coupons: Bed Bath & Beyond, Petco, PetSmart, Lowe’s, Kroger, Bath & Body Works, Staples, Burger King, Kohl’s, and Chipotle.

Rebate Stacking

Stack rebates with coupons and offers for even more savings. Consider apps like Ibotta to help with this.

Buy Seasonally

If you want to save on fruits and vegetables, ensure you buy them during the season. In the off-season, the cost of production is sky-high.

Print Online Coupons

Printing online coupons is now trending due to its ease and accessibility. Keep in mind, not all stores accept online coupons. Some online coupons can only be used on the store’s website for redemption. Ensure your store accepts online coupons before making a purchase.

Use couponing apps

These help big time. Check out this lineup: Ibotta, Checkout 51, Mobi, and Kartwheel.

Join the store’s loyalty programs

Today, there are many store loyalty programs where you can add to your savings. Some are electronic, some give you cards or monthly coupons, there are endless options, really. Enquire with your local grocer and join up!

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