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5 Healthy Smoothies to Make Using Your Vitamix Blender

Convenient, fast, and easy, smoothies serve as your highway for better nutrition. Grab a handful of healthy ingredients, whiz on your Vitamix Blender, and enjoy a cup of health and goodness every time.

Further, smoothies make the best meal when you are having crazy busy days. You can even make it ahead of time and take it out with you when there is no opportunity for a sit down meal. Just prepare your ingredients in advance, throw them in your Vitamix Blender, and done!

Below are some of the best recipes for healthy smoothies that you can follow every day. These will definitely have you enjoying healthy food and craving more of it. One more thing: if one ingredient is not in season, feel free to substitute and mix it up a bit. Smoothies are meant to be fun and your Vitamix Blender sure make them easy!

Green Kiwi Smoothie
Take a weekend stroll to your farmer’s market and grab some kiwi, mango, and kale. For your next day green smoothie, use 1/2 kiwi, 1/2 cup frozen mango, 1 cup kale, and mix with 1 cup of orange juice. Blend together and fill your body with vitamins and minerals in the most delicious way.

Peanut Butter and Banana Breakfast Smoothie
Your favorite sandwich just made it into a glass. On your Vitamix Blender, mix 1 banana, 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1 Tbsp peanut butter, 1 Tbsp honey, and 1 cup coconut water. Nutritious and filling, this is one smoothie that will get you excited to wake up every morning.

Morning Coffee Smoothie
This recipe is for you if you need coffee to rise and shine. Just combine 1/4 cup espresso, 1 banana, 1 Tbsp peanut butter, 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1 Tbsp honey, 1 cup almond milk, and 1/c cup ice. The result is an energizing smoothie that will keep you alert and satiated all morning, ready to power through your busy day.

Mixed Berry Smoothie
Take advantage of the summer sunshine and enjoy all the freshest and juiciest berries around. For this smoothie, you will need: 1/4 cup fresh blueberries, 1/3 cup fresh raspberries, 3 strawberries, 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1 Tbsp honey, and 1 cup almond milk. Blend them together and enjoy the lovely taste of summer fast and easy.

Healthy Mango Lassi
If you are craving for something more exotic, try this recipe: mix 1/2 cup frozen mango cubes, 3 Tbsp vanilla yogurt, 1 cup rolled oats, 1 Tbsp honey, and 1 cup almond milk to make a delicious mango lassi. You may not be on a holiday in India or Indonesia but this quick smoothie out of your Vitamix Blender will take you there in spirit!